Sanjiangkou Hydropower Station

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Device Details

Name Sanjiangkou Hydropower Station
Address H8HQ+VGF Linli County, Changde, Hunan, China NO.1,Powerstation Southern Road,Chujiang Town,Shimen County,Changde City,Hunan Province, 415300, P.R. China
Country China
Commissioning Date 28th January, 1989
Registration Date 1st July, 2021
Expiry Date 30th June, 2026
Technology Run of river
Primary Fuel Hydro-electric
Capacity (MW) 62.5
Supported No

The Green Certificate Company (Central Issuer)

Latitude 29.579692 Longitude 111.338782

Issuance History

Year Volume
2022 67554.551
2021 43064